An Italian restaurant close to the Helsinki market square.

Mangia bene, Vivi Meglio! Eat well, feel better!

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Vappuaatto ja Vappupäivä ovat kovin kysyttyjä päiviä, varaa pöytäsi ajoissa!!

Vappuaattona olemme auki 11-24

Vappupäivänä 12-21

Vappubrunssi meidän toisessa kerroksessa (lähes täynnä), katutasossa käytössä á la carte

Äitienpäivä 2024





Vaelsa's lunch is available on weekdays from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. During lunch, there is a lunch menu available, but it is not possible to order á la carte.



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You can also order lunch in advance by phone or the normal á la carte menu at Foodora and Wolt.

Our story

How did it all start?

Vaelsas Story

Restaurateur Paola Chioda was born in Rome, grew up in Milan and studied in her mother's family's hometown of Helsinki. A biculturalist, she selects the best of both worlds for her family restaurant.



A 200-year-old house knows how to celebrate!

Private events

Birthdays, family celebrations or a gathering of friends - for once with time! Book a large table or a cabinet at Vaelsa for your group, order the food from the menu in advance and enjoy the get-together. That's what Italians do!